Premium-class product innovation

The unique surface structure of the planter features a high-gloss finish that, depending on the lighting, constantly reveals new facets to the observer.

  • Ideally showcases captivating plantings
  • Is suitable both as a stand-alone planter or as part of a stylish interior design when presented in a row of plantings.
  • The interchangeable plant liner fits in both the DIAMANTE and new RONDO planter models.


exclusivity included

Those who are aware of their inner strengths also know how to make a commanding impression. And because all LECHUZA planters are without exception exclusive, they perfectly combine function with form and convenience. The elegant contours underline the classic silhouette of this new column planter. And the integrated overflow function in the plant liner with a removable drain plug in the bottom of the planter for outdoor use ensures that your plants will not become waterlogged even after heavy rainfall.

But beyond all of these remarkable features, the true strength is the secret found within these stylish planters: The proven LECHUZA sub-irrigation system that when filled provides your plants with water for days without the need for further watering.


far more than just a window box

With the dimensions 16 x 6 x 7 inches, almost every windowsill can be transformed into a mini oasis. How about flowering houseplants, stylish orchids or at last, your own tomato bed, right by the kitchen? Whether lounge or bathroom, windowsill or dining table; the new planter from LECHUZA cares, thanks to its sub-irrigation system and water reservoir, for the long-term health of your plants and green accents.